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At the European Center for Development Services (ECDS A.E.), we provide tailored solutions for development assistance programming. ECDS combines the knowledge and expertise of practitioners from around the world serving needs of development agencies and finance institutions, intergovernmental organizations, academia and philanthropic foundations throughout the Levant, Middle East North Africa, Central Africa, and South Asia regions.

We specialize in the mobilization of technical and financial resources for planning, and undertaking multi-sectoral development endeavours with a network of affiliated organizations across the many regions in which we operate today.

Our roots in participatory methods enable us to address the complex interplay of factors that drive social and economic disadvantage across themes such as gender and inclusive growth, climate change, digital learning, health management and research. Our services range from research and program design through to implementation support, monitoring and impact evaluation, short-term capacity building and training. ECDS A.E. endeavours to be international, and always within reach to provide specialized development services enabling our clients to navigate change for the better.

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We are committed to sharing what WE KNOW, and endeavor to deliver our best

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At ECDS we value what WE DO, and generate solutions that benefit people positively
Research And Publications
Programe Design And Managment
Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability And Learning
Data Collection And Managment
Training And Capacity Building
Agriculture & Agribusiness
Water & Environment
Health Management & Research
Training & Capacity Building
Climate Change & Renewable Energy
Research Evaluation & Assessment

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